Volkswagen Passat B7 have OEM Valeo headlights with the gorgeous beam of light design that gives a long haul lighting fixtures vision at night steering. Simultaneously, DRL, rear lights/brake light possesses good functionality and also top quality also. Having said that, the illumination of the turn indicator illumination is actually not nearly enough. The signal light lighting of B7L should be designed to become LED bit light, but Passat B7 still real estate with manufacturing plant halogen light bulb.

Our team utilize turning light regularly when steering a car. If the switching illumination using with a LED bulb which is actually made in high illumination, steady and rapid begin light resource, it will be actually simpler to get the passerbies and also vehicle driver’s interest whatever driving at daytime or nighttime on roadway. Particularly, in freeway or in the wet and clouded time, our experts commonly utilize switching light when modifying the lane or utilize the light in double flicker when our team intend to decrease the steering rate.

  • Numerous LED turn indicator lights are actually attractive and also quick on/off which is actually benefit to acquire the rear vehicles’ attention, if the switching light is insufficient obvious to become seen, there will certainly be actually a risk of rear-end accident.
  1. So, our company possess the explanation to transform the Volkswagen Passat B7 halogen turn indicator illumination bulb right into the LED illumination bulb. Our W16W canbus led turn sign illumination is established for aftermarket substitute. Casing with 66 * 2016 SMD and also stable light that can easily reach 700 Lumens, it is actually double brighter than the halogen light bulb. The electrical power of this particular series led light bulb is 23W, which is actually practically identical to the 25W halogen bulb, so it may mimic the operating stream of the halogen bulb, don’t need to have to partner with a lots resistor anti - hyper flash. The setup is actually really simple, connect and play.

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